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Take the complexity out of B2B ordering and put unique customer needs where they belong — at your clients' fingertips.
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Take the complexity out of B2B ordering and put unique customer needs where they belong — at your clients' fingertips.

Vendallion B2B Commerce embraces what makes your company unique and provides a seamless transition from old-school B2B ordering and customer relationship management to modern, efficient commerce processes. Reduce your operational costs, empower your existing sales team, and constantly upsell your entire client base — it’s a game-changer for any B2B business.

  • Product Information Management & Content Management

    Product Information Management & Content Management

    Centrally store and manage product information, attributes, downloads, files, marketing collateral, etc. Additionally, you can display this information in your e-shop or distribute it through any channels, on or offline.
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  • Multiple Websites and Storefronts

    Multiple Websites and Storefronts

    Vendallion is a diamond among stones for franchisees, dealerships, international distribution networks, and multi-brand scenarios. Even if a website belongs to one or multiple organizations, you can easily manage numerous sites/e-shops from one centralized control panel, keeping all websites up to date with one click. You can even allow local partners to manage their own content, thus keeping everyone happy while protecting your brand.
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  • 100% Visual UI and UX Customization

    100% Visual UI and UX Customization

    Having separated data and presentation layers, Vendallion fully adapts to your brand's look and feel, including your custom UX scenarios, without interfering with the platform's core.
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  • Enterprise-Ready Performance

    Enterprise-Ready Performance

    The more, the merrier. Whether you manage millions of SKUs or receive thousands upon thousands of orders daily, Vendallion's cloud infrastructure grows seamlessly with your business.
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  • Advanced ERP/WMS/CRM Integration, featuring Straightforward Implementation

    Advanced ERP/WMS/CRM Integration, featuring Straightforward Implementation

    B2B rules, policies, and processes reside primarily in back-office systems. No matter how complex your system’s architecture (ERP/WMS/CRM etc.), Vendallion can easily integrate, follow existing rules, and enhance all processes with its robust digital components.
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  • Self-Service for Clients

    Self-Service for Clients

    Reduce your operational costs by enabling your customers to perform multitudes of online actions. With Vendallion, customers can alter or cancel orders, split shipments (or pick up items from a store if available), view shipment status, file warranty claims, and view and download accounting documents, balances, financial reports, and more.

    Everything is available in one place, just one click away. Automated reminders and notifications ensure all issues remain on track, with no human effort.

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  • Customer Support

    Customer Support

    When the online knowledge base/FAQ section doesn’t have the answers, Vendallion's modern call center module allows your agents to step into the end user’s shoes to provide a unique "take-me-by-the-hand" experience.
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  • Increase Sales & Educate your Clients

    Increase Sales & Educate your Clients

    Your business only occupies a tiny fraction of your client's attention. You don’t really believe that they’re on top of all of your new products and services, right? 

    Well, they are with Vendallion…

    Vendallion enables you to communicate your new products and their features, including merchandising and usage tips, unique selling points, and more, directly with your customers. Give your clients ideas and bullet points to share with their customers. Distribute different content with various B2B segments to keep your communication personalized and relevant.

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  • Empower your Sales Team

    Empower your Sales Team

    Transform your front-line sales team from basic order placers to Wall Street sales brokers. Place recurring orders with a simple tap on a mobile screen. Remember to conduct all client meetings with two goals in mind: keeping human contact front and center and discussing new business ideas and product ranges.
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  • Promotions, Merchandising, and Pricing Policies

    Promotions, Merchandising, and Pricing Policies

    B2B-specific pricing policies can be configured on Vendallion or synced with your existing systems. As B2B commerce demands more and more sophisticated promos and deals, Vendallion boasts a large set of pricing and discount rules to provide you with limitless promotional options, ensuring you remain on top of the competition.
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  • Dealer Portal with Embedded CPQ

    Dealer Portal with Embedded CPQ

    Provide your dealers and distributors with a portal to place orders for their inventories and clients. Give them the power to configure each product through Vendallion’s CPQ/ configuration module to avoid the hassle of back and forth quotation revisions.
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  • Quotations


    Do you require a human eye to look over goods/services sold before payment? Vendallion provides a flexible quotation > revisions > approval > payment flow, automating the entire sales process.
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  • Combine with B2C

    Combine with B2C

    In the business of selling retail? Don’t worry about separate installations; just deploy Vendallion across your e-shops — one for B2B and one for B2C customers. Apply different commercial policies while using the same data and integrations across systems.
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