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End-to-end omnichannel commerce capabilities
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End-to-end omnichannel commerce capabilities

Vendallion® E-commerce relies on more than 22 years of business know-how across various industries on a global scale. Our set of B2C features maximizes conversion rates, cuts down on operational costs, and puts the power back in the end user’s hands via easy-to-use, self-service tools.

  • Omnichannel Experience

    Omnichannel Experience

    From browsing to final purchase, your customers move seamlessly between online and offline worlds. Throughout this integrated customer journey, Vendallion provides end users with the information and tools required to complete purchases and paves the way for the next.
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  • Product Information Management & Content Management

    Product Information Management & Content Management

    Centrally store and manage product information, attributes, downloads, files, marketing collateral, etc. Additionally, you can display this information in your e-shop or distribute it through any channels, on or offline.
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  • Promotions, Merchandising, and Pricing Policies

    Promotions, Merchandising, and Pricing Policies

    B2B-specific pricing policies can be configured on Vendallion or synced with your existing systems. As B2B commerce demands more and more sophisticated promos and deals, Vendallion boasts a large set of pricing and discount rules to provide you with limitless promotional options, ensuring you remain on top of the competition.

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  • Payment


    Equipped with flexible payment API, Vendallion integrates with nearly all payment gateways, whether they come out-of-the-box or integrate explicitly.
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  • Self-Service and Customer Support

    Self-Service and Customer Support

    Empower your customers with the ability to perform multitudes of online actions. With Vendallion, customers can alter or cancel orders, split shipments, view shipment and warranty status, select preferred delivery times, view transaction history, download invoices, and file warranty claims. If that’s not enough, they can easily find answers via knowledge bases/FAQ sections and downloadable brochures and manuals — they can even create tickets regarding anything relevant to your business.

    Moreover, Vendallion's modern call center module allows your agents to step into the end user’s shoes to provide a unique "take-me-by-the-hand" experience.

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  • Order Management, Shipping & Returns

    Order Management, Shipping & Returns

    Exploit the full potential of your inventory, whether it’s located in centralized warehouses or stored in local branches and showrooms. Minimize delivery times, provide flexible pick-up or delivery options, enable drop-shipping, split-orders, and provide detailed order tracking information to your end customers. At Vendallion, we take customer satisfaction to the next level.
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  • Straightforward ERP/WMS/CRM Integration

    Straightforward ERP/WMS/CRM Integration

    Harness the full potential of your data. No matter how complex your stack (ERP/WMS/CRM etc.), integration with Vendallion is a breeze. Depending on your existing system & infrastructure limitations, you have the ability to sync data from other systems periodically or in real-time.
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  • Multiple Websites and Storefronts

    Multiple Websites and Storefronts

    Vendallion is a diamond among stones for franchisees, dealerships, international distribution networks, and multi-brand scenarios. Even if a website belongs to one or multiple organizations, you can easily manage numerous sites/e-shops from one centralized control panel, keeping all websites up to date with one click. You can even allow local partners to manage their own content, thus keeping everyone happy while protecting your brand.
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  • 100% Visual UI and UX Customization

    100% Visual UI and UX Customization

    Having separated data and presentation layers, Vendallion fully adapts to your brand's look and feel, including your custom UX scenarios, without interfering with the platform's core.
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  • Enterprise-Ready Performance

    Enterprise-Ready Performance

    The more, the merrier. Whether you manage millions of SKUs or receive thousands upon thousands of orders daily, Vendallion's cloud infrastructure grows seamlessly with your business.
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  • Shifting our e-shops to Vendallion from another enterprise platform a few years ago was a key decision. Alongside with Lighthouse as a technology partner, both the E-Commerce and the Order Management Platform of Vendallion proved to be an invaluable catalyst to our rapid sales growth and operational cost reduction, across all countries.
    Vaggelis Batris
    CEO, Intersport Athletics, Greece/Romania/Bulgaria/Cyprus
  • Lighthouse, along with Vendallion and OneDealer gave us the opportunity to centrally manage a network of hundreds of websites for our dealers, across multiple European countries and different languages. Since then we are able to centrally manage the look & feel of all these websites and selected content areas, while dealers can freely manage their own content and pages. Our Regional marketing activities now automatically cascade to all countries and dealers in an absolutely consistent manner, saving us money and effort.
    Karine Roubaud
    Director Marketing & PR, Selected Market Groups Mazda Europe
  • When we set-off for building our new multi-country/multi-language portal, we were determined to build a global benchmark website. Our educated choice of Vendallion and OneDealer is now justified, since it provides us with the flexibility to constantly enhance our portal with new customer experience features and self-service functionality, both for our end-customers and our dealers' network. This easy adaptation to our rapidly-evolving business and distribution network proved to be a key factor for our online success, at a global scale.
    Nick Brown
    Chief Operating Officer, Brian James Trailers
  • Our diverse product mix, high order volumes and large baskets leave us with very specific options regarding the online merchandising and order management automations we expect. Vendallion gives us all that. Together with Vendallion, It has provided us with the confidence that we can rely on their technology and their very supportive team of engineers.
    Sofia Vakaki
    Head of E-Commerce, Jumbo Stores
  • We, at Kafkas Stores, have always applied personalized pricing policies towards all our B2B customers, even before the digital revolution. Currently being the market leader, we serve online both B2C and B2B customers at a large scale. In our digital transformation process, Vendallion Enterprise E-commerce integrated with our backend systems came as a perfect fit, since we could implement those complex scenarios, offering a true omnichannel experience to our valued customers. Year after year, we take it steps further through Vendallion’s continuous upgrades, and their prompt consulting and support.
    Nikos Platis
    IT Director @ Kafkas
  • We made our attempt to a new e-commerce mode with the support of Lighthouse and Vendallion during the past one year and the whole cooperation was smooth and pleasant. We were quite impressed with the whole project management process as well as the quality of the various development requests delivered.
    Chen Liao
    CEE & Nordic European Online Business Dept, HUAWEI
  • With Vendallion Omnichannel Campaign Management we’ve managed to fully automate our group’s communication with our clients, using true personalization in every single message. Our sales and after-sales campaigns are now on auto-pilot, since the campaign system was easily integrated with our ERP/DMS and CRM systems. Our clients enjoy a prompt and meaningful personalized communication, while our marketing and sales departments have saved a ton of time on a daily basis.
    Christian Ritter
    Managing Director, Torpedo Gruppe